About Santint

Santint (Poland) Sp.zo.o. is a independent operating and wholly-owned subsidiary company of SANHUA Technology & Industry Co., Ltd. We are a professional enterprise for manufacture and sales, specialized for research and development for the automotive refinishes industry and tinting machines of decorative paints. At present, we have two main products lines: In line of automotive refinishes mixing, there are three kinds of series: SHP, HT and P3, which have the features of cone-gear drive system, downto zero noise, advanced can-fixed mode and flowing and graceful shape. Our product takes the market share keeping the first place in China, South Asia, Middle East, Africa and Australia, the market share is increasing in Europe, Latin America, and North East Asia. The other line is tinting machines of decorative paints including automatic dispenser, manual dispenser, vibrating shaker and gyroscopic mixer. Our company develops intelligent dispensing software, which can compact with other dispensing software and automatic dispensers. The market share of Santint is continuously increasing in worldwide. Santint implements our concept of "Continuous progress and infinite innovation "in technology innovation. The innovated products unceasingly emerge in recent years and we have gained more than 30 patents. We passed the ISO9001:2008 certificates, ROHS declaration, CE certificate, explosion proof approval for parts of switch box and motors and WEEE certificate and so on.

Our history

2009 -Santint (Poland) Sp.zo.o. established in Poland
2007 -Car-refinishes mixing machines and tinting machines for decorative;paint;successfully;entered;South American market.
Successfully researched and developed new products: A4 and A5 Automatic;Dispenser,
G4 Manual Gyroscopic Mixer, mixing machine for water-borne paints and P3 mixing machine.
2006 Became the leader in the market of tinting machines in Southeast Asia and successfully entered European, Middle-east and African market.
Promoted A3 Automatic Dispenser in Chinese market
2005 -Began to explore overseas market of tinting machines for decorative paints.
2004 -Became leader in Chinese market of tinting machines and establishes good cooperation with 90% well-known decorative paint manufacturers.
2003 -Became leader in Middle East and African market of car-refinishes mixing machines.
2002 -Became leader in the East Asian market of car-refinishes mixing machines.
2001 -Established close cooperation with 100% car-refinishes paint manufacturers and end clients and provide them car-refinishes mixing machines.
SANHUA became the leader in the market of car-refinished mixing machines. Began to explore overseas market of car-refinished mixing machines. SANHUA stepped into turning to globalization.
Began to explore Chinese market of tinting machines.
2000 -Successfully researched and promoted SHP mixing machine and 5th Generation of mixing lids, which is a symbol for the leap of technology and quality of car refinish mixing machines. Began to develop decorative paint tinting machines
1999 -Established close cooperation with 90% car-refinishes paint manufacturers and end clients and provide them car-refinishes mixing machines.
1996 -SANHUA was founded, and successfully developed and promoted mixing systems for car refinishes in Chinese market